In these times of great shifts are you willing to let go of what doesn’t serve you, and enjoy this partnership and dance with the Universe, with the Earth, and with those in your life, or those you came here to meet and haven’t yet? Have you felt some of these?: please enjoy the poetry, I’ve found it’s helped me reach out. 

    • compared yourself to others only to feel disharmony within?
    •  A message…
    • insatiable yearning to feel connected to the Earth, Source or your Soulspirit?  Rosie’s Joy A Juicy Remember…
    • been too afraid to enJOY and live life?    First Steps
    • frustrated, scared or even angry at the inhumanities to all life?  Gratitude

Come play with us, grow and be nurtured Old Souls:  Your Presence Matters!  Remember, you are part of that Universe and unconditional love awaits you.

Our Products

Our unique jewelry, Gaian coins and Rosie’s HOPE chests contain beautiful frequencies and sacred geometry that may assist in bringing more harmony into your life and those around you. The disharmony, disconnection or frustration you feel is your Soul calling out to you to remember how beautiful and magnificent you really are – you’ve just forgotten! The harmony activators work on a physical and multidimensional level; they have balanced chakras and they often bring a sense of gentleness when worn. Because our life’s expression or journey is different from anyone else, what we need to harmonize will also be different. Overall, however, more harmony leads to more flow, more peace, more joy, and more love.

When the coins are buried in the ground the Earth smiles for she is aware of the heart-felt gesture to assist her in her ascension. The Rosie’s HOPE chests are like a ray of sunshine radiating your compassionate actions throughout the Earth and the crystalline grids. They act like amplifiers – each compassionate action increases the frequencies surging through the planet and because of our electromagnetic nature, we pick up more frequencies also – it’s a beautiful divinely orchestrated feed-back loop to create more harmony on Earth.

Our community is folk like you who know more peace and harmony is possible. It starts with being more compassionate with yourself, and then others. Know that the Universe loves you unconditionally without judgement and you are not alone or incomplete!

The HOPE Chest

Hope Chest

Rosie’s HOPE (Humans’ Openhearted Peaceful Earth) Chests contain activations, sacred geometry, crystals and sand/soil/rocks from many places around the world. Learn More.

The Gaian Coin

Gaian Coins

The Gaian Coins activate the crystalline grid of change on this planet. They use sacred geometry amplified by your love, to bring a new Earth to life. Learn More.

The Jewellery


The Jewelry contains sacred geometry that both activates the wearer to harmony, and also those all around. Learn More.

What People Are Saying...

Instead of planting somewhere in my yard, I was called to put it on the little altar across from my bed. What I noticed immediately is that it "evened out" the energy in my sleeping environment and seems to assist with integration of the experiences I may have while sleeping (night travels, visiting others, information from other dimensions...)S.F.,
The Gaian and Rosie's Hope Chest I have in my garden have allowed me to be more in-tune with my fruit trees! They have had abundant crops the past two years, I've really been listening to what they need, and the plants in my house are even staying alive! I'm very thankful for this new leash on a green-thumb and feeling blessed every day for my Gaian and Hope Chest! Thank you Ann!L.D.,