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Welcome to my Soil Alchemy website. It represents my journey of remembering the deeper truth of who I am, of who we really are: beautiful, benevolent, divine beings of light with Infinite Wisdom as our God Presence guiding us through these changing times with more peace, compassion and conscious awareness.


The Rosie's H.O.P.E. chests and Gaian coins/necklaces are seed-keys. The Gaians are the Innate Essence Activators, keys to opening portals to our DNA in partnership with the chests and the Earth grids. The chests are the seeds and charge the grids of Earth, then connect back to the Gaians that integrate those energies back into the human body. 

They have been created to assist us to open to the pure potentials lying dormant within us, part of that benevolent package of information we were born with. Imagine a seed with all its innate knowing; stored information ready to sprout in the right conditions. its pure potential of what Consciousness created it to be. Our human nature, the original essence, is one of peace-full harmony, the God-Source Light and love that deep in our hearts we know is possible for humanity, for Mother Gaia, and we are being called upon to be the new leaders - to plant and sow seeds of peace and harmony, now and for our future generations.              

* What if the peace and harmony you desire for yourself, others, and the planet was not only possible... but that you could actually be part of that change?                

                  your INNER  PEACE   helps creates   GLOBAL  HARMONY

                                                 YOU are the seeds for change! 



What People Are Saying


Instead of planting somewhere in my yard, I was called to put it on the little altar across from my bed. What I noticed immediately is that it “evened out” the energy in my sleeping environment and seems to assist with integration of the experiences I may have while sleeping (night travels, visiting others, information from other dimensions...)
— S.F.
The Gaian and Rosie’s H.O.P.E. Chest I have in my garden have allowed me to be more in-tune with my fruit trees! They have had abundant crops the past two years, I’ve really been listening to what they need, and the plants in my house are even staying alive! I’m very thankful for this new leash on a green-thumb and feeling blessed every day for my Gaian and H.O.P.E. Chest! Thank you Ann!
— L.D.